ICF for Inclusive education

The project has been implemented by UNICEF Ukraine

in partnership with the NGO Social Synergy and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The ICF for Inclusive Education is a project aiming to transform international and domestic theoretical insights into a concise and effective format focusing on the ICF and its significance in ensuring a human rights-based approach.

Within the project a software product (online platform) has been developed to “translate” the ICF into a language that is accessible and familiar to teachers, IRC professionals and parents, and provide teachers with advice on how they can adapt and change teaching approaches to ensure that every child in the class could receive high-quality education in a safe environment.

The online platform consists of 2 modules: Training Simulator and Practical Module. The simulator can be used to acquire practical skills of child observation (arguably the most important step in determining further accommodations and modifications), as well as to make descriptions based on the above cases.

Every case is a text that presents observations made by a primary-school teacher concerning the child in different situations: in class, during a break, while interacting with peers, participating in class activities, etc. It is important that each case primarily focuses on the child’s strengths, their potential and capabilities. The scenarios describe the most common cases of possible behaviors and participation of children, including children with disabilities, children in difficult life circumstances, socially disadvantaged children, so-called gifted children, and so on. 

Users of the online platform have the opportunity not only to acquire practical skills of observation and use of the ICF as a practical tool but also get a certificate of completion if they successfully solve the “tasks”. 

After acquiring skills on the Training module, the platform user will be able to describe an actual child and determine what modifications should be made to the environment to facilitate learning. Completing such description will allow the user to access a list of very practical, accessible and primary school age-appropriate recommendations as to the organization of inclusive education for the student and his/her classmates. 

In addition, primary school teachers have the opportunity to participate in the competition. For more details about the competition, please visit the main page.

To reach the goals of the project and to advocate for inclusive education and the ICF, animated videos were made. A Ukrainian pop-rock star Taras Topolia is the voice behind the videos.