Terms of the competition

Terms of the competition

within The IСF for Inclusive Education Project implemented by UNICEF Ukraine

in partnership with Social Synergy

General Principles

1. Only educators who work directly with children (school and preschool teachers, teacher assistants, school psychologists, school counselors, special education professionals, IRC employees, etc.) are eligible for the competition.

2. Participants take part in the competition based on their Training Simulator results.

3. The final results of the competition shall be approved by the Competition Commission consisting of a representative of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), project manager, education expert(s), and a lawyer.


Prize Draw Terms

Eligible participants must determine codes for at least one description with the success rate of at least 34%;


Stages of the Competition

Stage 1 “Training Simulator”

1. Participants choose the correct codes according to the descriptions from May 11 until May 23, 2021. The description procedure is as follows:

a) the participant chooses the codes for the given description;

b) after clicking the “complete description” button, the participant sees their score (expressed as a percentage);

c) if the participant is not satisfied with their score, they can work on the description an infinite number of times;

d) they may decide to stop trying and click the “get the result” button after any attempt;

e) after clicking the “get the result” button, the participant can download the recommendations;

f) the participant receives the highest percentage scored as a result of all attempts.


Stage 2 “Prize Draw”

a) 3 people with the top rating determined based on the following principle: the number of completed descriptions * by the average percentage for all completed descriptions;

b) with the help of the Random service 10 winners shall be determined from among those who have fulfilled the competition conditions;

c) 5 participants with the largest number of attempts to complete the descriptions, regardless of whether they were successful.


Stage 3 “Approval of Competition Results”

a) The winners (not more than 18 people) shall be notified of the results of the draw and also receive a request to confirm the information that was provided by them earlier. Namely: send a scan copy (photocopy) of their passport, scan copy (photocopy) of the employment verification letter (by 25.05.2021).

b) Receiving supporting documents from the winners (by 30.05.2021).

c) A meeting of the Competition Commission shall be held, which, based on the supporting documents received, shall take a decision regarding verification or disqualification of the participant (01.06.2020).

d) Should a certain number of winners of the draw be disqualified, the same number of participants will be recognized as winners in accordance with the previous order established during the selection (ranking next or coming next in the draw).

e) Letters shall be sent to these participants (by 04.06.2021) and confirmation shall be expected (by 09.06.2021).


Stage 4 “Award Procedure”

a) The winners (3 participants) according to the rating results will receive the following prize: an invitation to participate in a paid educational event (training) on the development of competencies and skills to create an inclusive educational environment.

b) The winners (15 participants) based on the draw results will receive the following prize: consultation (on-the-job training, supervision) of project experts concerning the description of the results of child observation provided by the participant.

c) All winners will be invited to an event organized within the project, where they will be awarded or sent (if the event is held online) certificates for prizes (by 15.06.2021).