Conditions for obtaining the Certificate

Conditions for obtaining a Certificate

of the mastery of initial (basic) skills of work with the Training Simulator within the ICF for Inclusive Education project implemented by UNICEF Ukraine in partnership with Social Synergy


General Principles

1. Any user registered on the website can apply for the certificate.

2. Participants can receive the certificate based on the results of the Training Simulator completion.

3. The certificate is generated automatically and can be downloaded if the proper result is achieved.

4. By obtaining the certificate, participants get access to the Practical Module.


Conditions for obtaining the certificate

Completing descriptions for at least 3 cases with the success rate for each at 50% or more;


The sequence of actions to obtain the certificate

Stage 1 “Description”

Participants will have access to the processing from May 11, 2021. The description procedure is as follows:

a) the participant chooses the codes for the given description;

b) after clicking the “complete description” button, the participant sees their score (expressed as a percentage);

c) if the participant is not satisfied with their score, they can work on the description an infinite number of times;

d) they may decide to stop trying and click the “get the result” button after any attempt;

e) after clicking the “get the result” button, the participant can download the recommendations;

f) the participant receives the highest percentage scored as a result of all attempts.


Stage 2 “Certificate Generation”

a) make sure that the personal data you entered during registration on the website are correct;

b) after completing at least 3 descriptions with a success rate at 50% or more, the certificate shall be automatically generated in the user’s personal account;

c) the user can download the certificate and print it out, if necessary.