English language materials

1. A Human rights-based approach to Education for All: a framework for the realization of children's right to education and rights within education (read in english), UNESCO - UNICEF, 2007.

2. A Summary of the evidence on inclusive education (read in english), Instituto Alana in partnership with Abt Associates, 2016.

3. ICF - A Common Language in Schools (read in english) Erasmus+ project with ICF School icf-school.eu , 2020.

4. Profile of inclusive teachers (read in english),  European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education, 2012.

5. CRPD General Comment 4 Inclusive Education (read in english) 2016

6. Overview of the General Comment (read in english)

7. Definition and Classification of Disability. Webinar 2 - Companion Technical Booklet. (read in English) (read in Ukrainian) UNICEF

8. Legislation and Policies for Inclusive Education. Webinar 3 - Companion Technical Booklet. (read in english) UNICEF

9. ToT Intro Module (read in english)

10. ToT Module 1 (read in english)

11. ToT Module 2 (read in english)

12. ToT Module 3 (read in english)